What We Do

A’viands K-12 focuses resources on providing popular and healthy meals that exceed expectations and result in increased student participation. Among our K-12 partners, we serve both private and public schools, including those following the National School Lunch Program.

A’viands is committed to the education of healthier minds, bodies, and spirits using our knowledge, culinary expertise, and advanced technology. We believe nutrition education is as important as the food we serve. Our programs are designed to educate students and their parents on making wise, healthy menu choices.

Our menus offer an increased selection of high quality foods and incorporate student preferences. Whenever possible, we use ingredients and foods that are whole and minimally processed in order to retain naturally found nutrients and flavors. By using fresh, seasonal ingredients from the farms in our client’s region, we enhance the colors, textures, and flavors of our menu items.

In addition, we take student nutritional needs very seriously. A’viands ensures that our school programs accommodate children with special dietary needs, including students with severe allergies, such as peanuts, milk, or other products.

We partner with our K-12 clients to increase participation of students, faculty, and staff by creating exciting food service programs and serving wholesome, fresh, and delicious food.