What We Do

A’viands Higher Education is a proven leader in providing residential, retail, and catered services. Among our higher education partners, we serve both public and private colleges and universities and community and technical schools of varying sizes. We design our programs to meet the unique needs of higher education with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We give diners an abundance of options and an incredibly easy way to fulfill any appetite in a captivating environment. Our interactive dining concepts bring the preparation and presentation of foods face to face with our guests and allow them to select fresh, seasonal, and artisanal ingredients.

At A’viands, we also understand the importance of our roles and influence on each individual campus outside of the dining facility. Our team of industry leaders is committed to offering comprehensive dining services that provide a range of programs from nutritional education to progressive sustainability initiatives, delivering actionable strategies that produce results.

We build personal relationships with each campus community that go beyond great food and concepts, and it is our commitment in providing quality and responsive service each in every day that really sets us apart.

We seek to understand the taste preferences of our customers, and share our client’s enthusiasm for quality, reliability, and accessibility. A’viands focuses on providing exceptional food with seasonal flavors and world class service. Our passion, dedication, and execution sets us apart and fuels our success for continued growth and customer loyalty.