What We Do

A’viands Business Dining provides high quality food service experiences customized to exceed the expectations of our client’s staff, tenants, or visitors. Among our Business Dining partners, we serve multi and single tenant office buildings along with corporate campuses.

A’viands promotes fresh and innovative culinary practices with exciting menu items, prepared on-site and from scratch daily. Our Culinary team is constantly looking ahead to keep our food and retail concepts fresh and innovative.

A’viands chefs are always developing new, on-trend, and health-conscious menu items. We take the time to understand our client’s individualized preferences and needs when designing their menus. A’viands does not use boilerplate menus; they are customized for each dining service operation. We include local favorites and offer a large variety of popular, healthy, and delicious menu selections.

We recognize the importance of continuous growth and innovation in our business dining locations to maintain the loyalty of our customers. A’viands Business Dining provides exemplary customer service, attention to detail, creative menus, high quality fresh ingredients, and a focus on interactive cooking experiences for our clients.