A’viands is a food management firm founded by William J. Benzick in 2003, providing a full range of services throughout multiple industries.

Created out of passion to serve great food by great people, we provide the professional service that only a strong company can offer. Dedication, integrity, innovation, one-on-one customer focus and developing long-lasting relationships are the heart of our business philosophy.

What if we could work somewhere that is fun and in our own small (or big) way, change the way people think about food service companies?

This is not some lofty ideal. It is about doing things with purpose. About partnering with institutions and causes that we truly believe in. About being responsible not wasteful. About innovation, creativity, and above all else…passion for what we are doing.

We offer all of the services you would expect from one of the nation’s top food service companies, but what really sets us apart is the way we combine the breadth of our expertise and apply our concepts to your facilities in a truly unique and unbiased way. Our staff blends smart, strategic thinking with innovation and creativity in a highly collaborative environment; providing powerful ideas and unexpected solutions that bring big results.

We care just as much about the message as we do the experience, or the tools needed to bring our ideas to life. It’s this flexibility and bigger-picture thinking which helps us drive transformation and deliver quality results in everything we do.

We’ve never lost focus on what we do… and that is providing exceptional food with seasonal flavors and world class service.

At A’viands we’ve lined up a strong and knowledgeable team of individuals with extensive cross-industry experience. This experience is the critical difference that helps us grow and distance ourselves from the competition. No matter what type of facility we’re in, our team provides support and shares information across all segments that is truly collaborative.

With A’viands based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota and our subsidiary company Summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are able deliver exceptional services throughout North America in areas such as: